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Permission To Rise

Selfishness makes you get down in the dirt and dig for what's really meant to be in your life and what's not. It's the place you're too scared to go. It is something I hope everyone can experience the power of.

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Body Positivity vs. Body Shaming: The Fine Line, When We Cross It, And How Not To

Body Positivity vs. Body Shaming: The Fine Line, When We Cross It, And How Not To

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As my 24th year on this earth comes to a close, I look back on the past year and honestly think only one thing: I thought I had grown during grad school, but boy was I wrong. Hey grads, get ready. Put your big kid pants on. Life outside of school is literally the weirdest, happiest and saddest experience you could ever imagine.


I’m So Glad We Live In A World Where There are Octobers

In nearly a month, I run 13.1 miles for the second time in my entire life. Something I put on my New Year's Resolution bucket list on January 1st, something I didn't think I would actually do considering the idea of running anything farther than 400 meters during a WOD made me want to fall… Continue reading I’m So Glad We Live In A World Where There are Octobers

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Let’s Call It An Identity Crisis

Close your eyes. Let's imagine for a little while. Imagine that you are in transition. Imagine that you have spent the entirety of your young adult life between the same two towns, one of which you grew up in. Now imagine you are leaving both of those places for a brand new one. Imagine that you… Continue reading Let’s Call It An Identity Crisis

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Turning Pounds to Kilos

You heard me! This CrossFitter turned into a Weightlifter this weekend for my very first weightlifting meet. I am so proud of myself. As a 63kg lifter (or 138.6lb for those, like me, who still have a very limited ability to multiply by 2.2), I made a 122kg total (my highest snatch + clean & jerk) and made… Continue reading Turning Pounds to Kilos

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With Calloused Hands…

I love a lot of things about CrossFit. (I blog about it, so I better). I see it as a metaphor for a lot of other aspects of my life, as I've mentioned in plenty of other posts. A recent CrossFit Inc. video posted on Facebook caught my attention this afternoon. It's a compellation of… Continue reading With Calloused Hands…

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Why I’m Not Really Planning for the Future

I am addicted to my email calendar. Online calendars have changed my life: they have calmed me, routined me, steadied me, at times they've stressed me. I know where I'm going and at what time I'm going there at almost every point of the day even 15 minutes before I have to be there thanks… Continue reading Why I’m Not Really Planning for the Future


Modern-Day Rosies and All Things ‘Girl Power’

In the second of three Halloween costumes worn on Saturday (yes, three), I tied a red bandana around my head, painted my lips, and tied up a jean shirt. To me, there may be no more recognizable or iconic image of a woman in the past 100 years than Rosie the Riveter. Initially drawn in… Continue reading Modern-Day Rosies and All Things ‘Girl Power’


When being passionate is actually enough

This morning I realized that these past few months of grad school have made me fall back in love with myself. Fall back in love with yourself? I thought you preach self-love and self-worth and all of the "love yourself right now in this moment in this very instant of life". Well, I do! And… Continue reading When being passionate is actually enough


Belly Woes and Diet Foes (and Leaky Guts?)

Have you ever been told that you can't do your absolute favorite thing anymore? You broke your leg, and can't play soccer until it's healed. You're knee deep in repaying your student loans and can't afford to travel until they're almost gone. Well, my absolute favorite thing to do is eat. And this summer I've… Continue reading Belly Woes and Diet Foes (and Leaky Guts?)


Future Strong Women

Yesterday, a friend tagged me in one of Elisabeth Akinwale's Instagram pictures. A bit before, Elisabeth had posted a video of herself doing a clean complex on what looked like a high school or public field. Children, teens, runners, and parents alike are around, no one seeming to notice this absolutely incredible woman doing some incredible things.… Continue reading Future Strong Women


Judgment Day

Judgment Day: Also known as working out at the Rec Center. I am writing this while walking on the Curve Treadmill, looking up every few minutes to make sure my sweat isn't visible on my shirt in the mirror in front of me. I am writing this while watching the woman wearing color coordinated Nike… Continue reading Judgment Day


Enter Here for Happy

Let me just say this: Grad school is hard. It's really freaking hard. Combine working 20 hours a week at one job, with 10 hours a week at another job, with 20 hours of class and homework a week, with having basically no idea what I'll be doing in a year and a half, with being 22… Continue reading Enter Here for Happy


Two Years Strong

Two years- 24 months- 104 weeks- 670 days- 16,080 hours- 964,800 minutes- 57,888,000 seconds I have madly and passionately loved for CrossFit for two years. Two years. A blink in time in the grand scheme of life. Oh, how life can feel static in two years. I still live in the same city, I am still a… Continue reading Two Years Strong


Hello to you, November.

November, you sneaky devil. I see you and your frosty mornings, your 5:00 sunsets and your constant pushing for me to eat apples and pumpkin and cinnamon and chocolate. November often times gives us an excuse to wind down.  At this point, there are two months left in the year, both of which are covered… Continue reading Hello to you, November.


To find strength, serenity, and cake pops

This week, life is challenging me. It's giving me challenges in school, in relationships, with the aches and pains in my ankles, feet and shoulder, and the relentless challenge to resist eating every bowl of ice cream, piece of pumpkin cheesecake, and chocolate covered cake pop that makes its way into my sight lines. These… Continue reading To find strength, serenity, and cake pops


Sleeping With the Enemy

I have fallen unapologetically in love with running. The arch enemy of the CrossFit community; the kryptonite of the strongest and fastest. This love is new, and it's a little scary, like all new love is. I'm still learning about how it makes me feel, the things I like and don't like, and how to… Continue reading Sleeping With the Enemy


Paleo Girl on A Grad Student Budget

This week marks the very first time I have lived in my very own apartment. Granted, I share it with two roommates, but I have my own room, a full-sized bed, and a kitchen to fulfill every Paleo girl's needs. This week also marks the very first time I have had to buy groceries for… Continue reading Paleo Girl on A Grad Student Budget