Hi, World!

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Hi! My name is Maggie. As a rookie in the CrossFit universe, my life has already been changed for the greater good by indulging in this crazy, fantastic and extremely addicting sport.


(That’s me! Photo credit to CrossFit Bloomington)

I am about to begin my senior year at Indiana University in Bloomington and haven’t felt much emotion about graduation other than severe anxiety. With the next year ahead of me I plan to funnel that anxiety into figuring out what to do with my Journalism degree and becoming the best CrossFitter that I can. What that means, I’m not sure. Whether it’s dead lifting 200 pounds, continuing my Paleo adventures past summer break (yikes!) or some other great CrossFitting monument we will just have to wait and see.

I do have to give you one, very large disclaimer. I am, by no means, perfect. I don’t go to they gym seven days a week; hell, to make it five days a week is a struggle. I work a full-time internship and sitting in a cube for nine hours a day can be exhausting. But on the days when I don’t want to come home and gorge my feelings on an entire bottle of wine, I find that CrossFit is my perfect way to realign my head with my body and, quite frankly, my spirit.

I do not eat perfectly, either. I aspire to be a Paleo goddess, but realistically that isn’t going to happen. To preface my new Paleo lifestyle, you have to know a little bit more about my recent intestinal history. When I was spending fifty percent of my day complaining about stomach aches, I decided to stop eating gluten. It decreased the frequency of the stomach aches, but they didn’t go away entirely. So, after being tested for IBS and Chrones (both negative), I was stumped. And then I joined Crossfit Deerfield when i got home from school, right as they were beginning a 30 day Paleo Diet challenge.

I was a changed woman after just one week. By taking out all of the gluten substitutes (corn, rice, white potatoes) and processed foods I was eating that I thought were healthy, I was stomach ache free and finally treating my body with respect.

I still eat crap sometimes. If I really want that chocolate chip cookie at work, I’m gonna eat the cookie. If I want the crusty part of a piece of bread (right before I throw the rest away), I’m going to do it! And this is for two reasons. Number one, I don’t have the self control. Point blank. And number two, I don’t want to deprive myself of something I want. If I keep denying myself that chocolate, I’m going to keep wanting it until I finally explode and eat an entire bag of chocolate chips (which has never happened but very well could…).

So I would suggest not reading my blog for the latest tips on the sport or health food updates, because I’m not your gal! I represent real life. A real life college student who is not sponsored by Reebok, is not farting money out of her pockets, and is definitely not perfect, but loves to CrossFit and tries to take care of her body.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey, and I can’t wait to share more!

1 thought on “Hi, World!

  1. It’s amazing how fast changing your diet can change your life! I try to be as paleo as possible but at the end of the day I like my milk in my coffee and if that’s the worst thing I do, I’m okay with it 🙂 Keep sharing!

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