Today marks what I hope to be the first and last worst work day of my entire life. A brief rundown of today’s events: me crying at my cube, me eating Red Mango in hopes of feeling better (sorry Paleo, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do in these circumstances), and then me crying at my cube a little more before leaving to go to CrossFit. May I warn you, this is not normal Maggie. Normal Maggie is happy go-lucky, optimistic, sunshine and smiles. But frankly, today SUCKED.

But there is, I guarantee you, nothing that can improve a shitty day like a great, ass-busting, sweaty workout. When the only thing you are thinking about is “How am I going to get this bar from the floor to my front rack without smashing my chest or my face along with it?” or “I hate you, Steve, for planning this workout”. Thank the big man above for endorphins, because today was that kind of day. And along with this terrible, horrible, emotional roller coaster of a work day came not one, but TWO PR’s in the course of one hour.

Today’s workout:

5 rounds in 15 mins:
3 power cleans (pos 1,2,3)
Max hollow rock

Partner WOD: “Helen meets Grace”
3rft 400m run (together)
21 kbs (53/35lb)
12pullups (1works 1 rests)

30 c+j (1 works 1 rests)

My first PR came in the skill work set during power cleans. When you start at CFB, owner Geoff gives every new member a notebook to record WODs, weights and times so if you’re like me and can’t remember anything, it helps! When I did my first power clean in my Foundations class, I was cleaning 45 pounds. Today, with a nudge from my trainers, I cleaned #105 from the floor. There is no feeling quite like getting a PR and ringing that bell.

But the best came after the WOD. The only way to get better at anything is to practice, right? So after doing the pull ups in the WOD with a blue band, I thought, “Heck! I’ll try them unassisted and see what happens”.

Well, good golly Miss Molly I got four, real-life kipping pull ups! And I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!

Is there any better feeling than getting something you have worked at for months? Something that is so common and necessary in almost every WOD, something that the pros make look so easy? And after a day like today, a PR in the suckiness department, a PR in CrossFit was exactly the pick-me-up I needed.

1 thought on “PR

  1. if you ask me there is no better feeling or confidence booster than a PR. I felt the same way yesterday after my loooooong work day and when I got to the gym and started adding weight to that bar, all the bullsh&t that I was carrying in my head was gone.

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