Finding Beauty in Strength

If there is one thing I have learned from CrossFit it is that no body is the same. No body looks the same, moves the same, lifts the same, runs the same, carries weight the same, metabolizes the same. To think that my body will ever look like Sienna Miller’s is completely ridiculous.

Some women are “blessed” with the thigh gap. They don’t have to worry about chaffing when they walk in a skirt or planning their next bathroom stop to use baby powder to relieve a little pain. They don’t have to worry about unsticking their legs from each other with no one noticing every time they’re sitting and they’re sweaty. They don’t have to worry about pulling down their shorts from riding up the second they start to move in them. But I still say, fuck the thigh gap.

I used to daydream about the thigh gap. It was my goal, though I had no idea how to get there. But when I started CrossFitting, I realized it just wasn’t in the cards for my body to have a thigh gap. It wasn’t how I was made. And I am finally okay with that.

To me, strength is beautiful. Strength in physical ways, but also strength in mental and emotional and spiritual ways. I find beauty in the strength that women, like myself, can say that they love the way their legs look in spandex because we can see the muscles that we have worked hard to build. Women who don’t wish we were a certain way because we accept their bodies the way they are, and understand that we are all created very differently.

This is why I love CrossFit. It teaches healthy habits. It teaches both women and men to learn to love what their bodies can do. Walking into a CrossFit gym, I am a badass. I have muscle, I carry myself with confidence, and I have absolutely no thigh gap.

Now, that’s not to say that if you have a thigh gap that you are unfit or not beautiful. (You actually are extremely lucky that you don’t have to deal with chaffing.) The point of saying “fuck the thigh gap” is to say it on behalf of those women who wish they had one; who have yet to accept their bodies for the amazing machines that they are. I only hope that one day they can say it with me.

And if you need any more inspiration, here’s Elisabeth Akinwale on just how bad ass your thighs can be. Cheers!

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