My Big Surprise

Yesterday, I interviewed Garret Fisher.

Yes, 5th place in the Games, 22-year-old California studworks out and is best friends with Jason Khalipa, Garret Fisher. For my final Audio Storytelling piece, I am interviewing CrossFitters who are obsessed with the sport. Initially, I was only going to interview people from CFB, but then it dawned on me that interviewing someone who has gone to the Games would be exactly what it needed. So, I went on NorCal’s website, got Garret’s email address, and asked him to be a part of my story. Two days later he responded with a very enthusiastic “yes”, and if my roommates didn’t poke fun at CrossFit before, they had another reason to after my not so subtle reaction. (Don’t worry, after I showed them his picture, they understood why I was so excited.) The interview was a blast and I definitely have more than a little Fisher Fever.

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