Aspire to Inspi…

Aspire to Inspire

Recently, one of my sorority sisters sent out an email about an organization she is a part of called CHAARG. CHAARG, changing health, attitudes, and actions to recreate girls, began in 2012 when two women at The Ohio State University decided there was a need for a fitness group to inspire women on campus. Founders Emily Richard and Elisabeth Tavierne didn’t just want it to be a place where college women work out together, they wanted to inspire women

“to not only to become excited about exercising, but also enjoy eating whole, nutritious foods, and truly feel confident in one’s skin”.

And to see fitness as a lifestyle and a state of mind, something that I advocate for day in and day out. I’ve only known about this organization for a few days, but after looking at their website and learning about what they do and how they do it, I am completely inspired. It’s groups like these, groups of women who see the importance in loving themselves and being confident, that motivate me, and should motivate you.

I found my confidence at the end of a long road, though I still struggle with it… like a few days ago when my jeans were one pants dance away from ripping, (thank you winter break). But organizations like these “Aspire to Inspire” other women to begin the journey towards confidence and feeling beautiful in your own skin.

Snaps for you, CHAARG!

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