Why Fitness in February is Impossible

Why Fitness in February is Impossible

Exhibit A. (Use the girl standing next to the mound for accurate scaling). I don’t know if it’s just me, but looking outside and seeing freshly fallen snow mixed with dirt, exhaust and soot makes me want to crawl back into my bottom bunk cave of a bed and hibernate for the next 36 hours.

Last night, CrossFit was cancelled because of the snow. Quite honestly, it made me feel better knowing that my previous decision to skip 7 minutes of burpees was reinforced by the weather gods. This morning, I woke up early with every intention of going to the gym before my 1:00 class (oh the things you can think). I walked out of our sleeper and into the day room where the blinding snow sent me reeling back into bed to rethink my decision. I reasoned with myself for a few minutes, then decided that since I was already awake, I had only two options: go to the gym, or do my homework. I chose my homework.

February is a place holder between winter and spring. Stores are starting to transition to floral patterns, sun dresses and bathing suits. People are getting restless for at least an hour of sunshine and above freezing temperatures. No one likes Valentine’s Day. And no one wants to work out.

It is in our biology to sleep and eat more during the winter. Snow mounds like the one I encountered on the way to the Union this morning are prime examples of just how hard the Earth is trying to keep us all inside. And I’m okay with that.

Stay warm, eat something hearty, and take a great nap for me today!

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