When Your Clothes Don’t Fit….

I’ve hit a fork in the road. I’m not sure what changed between this summer and right now besides seven months of eating worse, drinking more, and snow constantly falling, but my clothes just don’t fit the same as they used to. Now, I won’t blame it all on being back at school; I have definitely gotten stronger, and with strength comes more muscle. But, still, everything’s a little bit tighter, well, everywhere. Sweaters stretch broader across my back and shoulders, jeans dig a little more into my sides, t-shirt sleeves squeeze my arms. I recently had trouble lifting my arms in a blue blazer from my internship this summer. It doesn’t help that I’m convinced every mirror adds 15 pounds except the one I have at my house in Chicago.

Put me in a pair of compression shorts and a tank top and I am a happy camper. Most people would dread walking around in a pair of Nike spandex; but then again, most people probably don’t appreciate the stretch of a spandex short quite the way my backside and I do. But, with how brutal this Indiana winter has been, there is no way I can strut around in a pair of anything shorter than my ankles to even go downstairs to get breakfast. I can’t very well wear my workout gear everywhere I go, though I’d like to.

I now fit in between two sizes, but manage to pants dance into my jeans nine times out of ten unless I give up and throw on my nearest pair of leggings (a blog post soon to come, dedicated entirely to the fabulous and terrifying world of leggings). A few years ago, when Gap changed their brand and introduced their 1969 jeans, I found a home for the bottom half of my body at $79.99 a pop. Because I can pay for almost an entire month’s gym membership with that $80, you can find me buying jeans on Black Friday and…. that’s it.

After cleansing my closet of the things I promise myself I’ll wear and never do a few weeks ago, I’m ready to take on the challenge. And let’s be honest, just because I CrossFit doesn’t mean I don’t love to shop.

With a closet full of clothes and only Nanos to wear,



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1 thought on “When Your Clothes Don’t Fit….

  1. Maggie, I love your blog!

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