Spring Break


Oh… Two days away is it? Two days until sunshine and beaches and cruising the Caribbean, praying the ship doesn’t stall, a tsunami doesn’t come and sweep me away, and that my shorts fit. Four short days until I am surrounded by people in bikinis, sipping on overpriced drinks, hoping I’m not the only person who’s been sucking it in since seeing that goddess running shirtless on the beach.

Dieting hasn’t worked very well for me in the past, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. But the stigma attached to Spring Break seems to be to starve yourself until you can fit into your shorts from sophomore year of high school.

You think about it when you get back to school from Winter Break. You’ve added a few lbs to keep you warm while you watched Netflix for 15 hours a day and snacked on anything in the pantry because it was better than anything you eat at school. Three months until Spring Break means plenty of time to look like Lindsey Vaughn: sporty and fit and a knockout in a bikini (yes, I have a magazine cut out of her hanging on my desk as inspiration). Then, in the blink of an eye, January and February are both gone and you realize you hibernated for two months instead of preparing for the most (un)important week of the year.

Hi March.

Here you are, and here I am, the same as I was three months ago, wishing I wasn’t. But at this point, if you’re like my roommates and me, you decide that two weeks isn’t nearly enough time to make a major transformation. So, it’s healthy choices and fighting the crowds at the gym: a regiment some may dispute as ineffective when compared to a spring break crash diet, but one I see as the best way to get healthy and stay healthy.

The moral of this story: I can guarantee that someone else on the beach is going to be more preoccupied with the things they are self-conscious about than notice the four dimples of cellulite underneath your right butt cheek.

So goes life- we are always our harshest critics.

Now go drink a frozen margarita for me, I’ll be sure to drink one (three) for you!

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