Paleo Girl on A Grad Student Budget

This week marks the very first time I have lived in my very own apartment. Granted, I share it with two roommates, but I have my own room, a full-sized bed, and a kitchen to fulfill every Paleo girl’s needs. This week also marks the very first time I have had to buy groceries for myself. I’ve gone grocery shopping in the past; in fact, I love grocery shopping. So stems my problem. My CrossFit gym happens to be exactly one mile north of my apartment, across from a Kroger. One mile south of my apartment lies another Kroger. Three miles east, yet another. And last but certainly not least, the mecca of specialty foods stores- Bloomingfoods- not but a mile northeast. What’s a girl to do… say no?!

Well, this grad student is gonna have to learn to say no. If they didn’t cause gut wrenching stomach aches, I would be perfectly happy living on frozen pizzas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and frozen tv dinners. Unfortunately for my wallet, those just aren’t options for this gal. Eating Paleo is by no means inexpensive, but there has to be a cheaper way to do it for someone who’s putting themselves through grad school. 

I don’t have the answer yet, but I’ve made a few discoveries this week that will help prevent the mini strokes I’ve been having every time I check my credit card statement. 

Buy produce that’s in season. How do you know what’s in season? Uh, look it up. Or, if you’re lucky enough to live a mile and a half from the Bloomington Farmer’s Market, you walk there on Saturday morning and find out! Yesterday I got two, gigantic, organic cucumbers, two pints of absolutely gorgeous organic grape and sun sugar tomatoes, and two organic bell peppers for $7. TOTAL. Not to mention I hit my 13,000 steps on my FitBit halfway through the day thanks to the gorgeous morning stroll. Other yummies like green beans, zucchini, egg plant, onions and some very fancy looking mushrooms covered the tables as well. Take advantage! They’re growing in abundance and the farmer’s market is a competitive place that will keep the prices low. 

Buy frozen vegetables. I’ve just recently fallen in love with the bags of microwaveable vegetables. You can keep in the freezer, throw them in the microwave for 6 minutes, and have two dinners worth of veggies ready to mix with ground turkey and tomato sauce- my favorite weeknight meal. 

Pay attention to the dirty dozen and clean fifteen. If you can afford to eat totally organic, you rock. If you can’t (like me), there’s no need to fret! This lovely list,, shows us the twelve conventionally raised foods that tested highest for pesticides and the fifteen that tested lowest. And look at that- avocados and sweet potatoes, two foods I eat constantly, are on the clean fifteen list and I never have to buy them organically again!

And so begins my list of budget helping tips for myself and for you.

Agree or disagree, make to try the Paleo Blondies from A Calculated Whisk because they’re incredible.

Time to eat! 




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