Sleeping With the Enemy

I have fallen unapologetically in love with running.

The arch enemy of the CrossFit community; the kryptonite of the strongest and fastest.

This love is new, and it’s a little scary, like all new love is. I’m still learning about how it makes me feel, the things I like and don’t like, and how to compromise with myself and all these Indiana hills.

Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating on my boyfriend (CrossFit) when I’d prefer to take a few mile run than WOD. It’s been so faithful to me for so long! Never fear boyfriend, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just trying to spice up our relationship a little bit; in fact, “sleeping with the enemy” is only going to help our relationship.

I love the way it feels to conquer a hill that loomed in front of me just a minute ago, but now bows down to me and my purple Brooks running shoes as I run over and beyond it. I love knowing that I can keep exploring new parts of Bloomington by just using my feet. What’s more organic than using your own body to discover new, wonderful places to play?

Running is an integral part of CrossFit. Running is endurance: lung capacity, muscle strength, mental strength. Running requires the same things that make a great CrossFit athlete. In fact, running makes up parts of quite a few CrossFit workouts!

So, let’s get running.

In embracing my new love for running, my constant and unwavering love for CrossFit, and October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am issuing myself a challenge. On October 25th I am participating in Barbells for Boobs at my very own CrossFit Stonebreaker. (Hooray for their first annual event!) I spent my undergrad fundraising for breast cancer research and awareness on behalf of my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, and found a passion for the cause in addition to my family ties to the disease.

But breast cancer doesn’t stop, so why should I?

So, on behalf of Barbells for Boobs and my grandma, Joan Cole, I am pledging to run 50 miles between now and October 25th. This pledge isn’t only to encourage my fundraising efforts and spread awareness about this worthy cause, but to prove to myself that I am an athlete in every and any capacity that I choose to believe.

With miles to go before I sleep (and lots of reading to do!),


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