To find strength, serenity, and cake pops

This week, life is challenging me. It’s giving me challenges in school, in relationships, with the aches and pains in my ankles, feet and shoulder, and the relentless challenge to resist eating every bowl of ice cream, piece of pumpkin cheesecake, and chocolate covered cake pop that makes its way into my sight lines.

These challenges are nothing new; they swim in and out of my brain on a daily occurrence (especially the food…), I just feel them more this week than I have in a while. It’s easy to complain and whine, and I do sometimes. So do you! But it’s when I acknowledge and accept these challenges that a new challenge emerges:

How to find the good within them.

Finding the good in things you don’t like is hard. It’s really hard. But, let’s equate it to a workout since that seems to be a pretty solid analogy for most of life’s situations. 90% of the time, a CrossFit workout is hell. It’s anywhere from three to thirty minutes of solidly AWFUL, sucky stuff. And the next day, you’re sore. Probably in a new place you didn’t know had muscles to be sore. But after a few weeks of hard work, you can do that same workout with 10 pounds more, or finish it 30 seconds faster.  And that is badass and good.

I began my search for the good today at hot yoga. Yes, it rocks. At the beginning of each class, we set an intention for our practice. It’s an intention to carry us through the class, and to leave with at the end and carry us through the rest of the day. When I started going at the beginning of this school year, I didn’t really ever set an intention. My intention is to sweat a lot? Doesn’t seem very yogic or yogi-minded or yoga-y or whatever you want to call it. But today, I set an intention,

To find strength and serenity; to be confident in my independence and my choices.

Pretty effing profound for my first intention! This intention is big, and it’s obviously not going to manifest itself during a 75-minute hot fusion class. But the intention behind the intention is what matters. In challenging times, where can I go to find my strength and serenity? Where can I dig to find the confidence to be independent and, in the scariest sense of the word, alone? The word alone doesn’t have to be scary; it can be liberating- it’s just up to me to find that positivity and goodness in it.

So this week, I challenge myself and I challenge you to find the strength and serenity, in whatever capacity or circumstance. Take what you need, leave the rest. And if life brings you cake pops, it’s okay to eat one. Or three. And Instagram it in all of it’s glory. Because not every challenge needs to be conquered right away.

Sending self love,


1 thought on “To find strength, serenity, and cake pops

  1. This was so good. One of my faves. You keep on reflecting and finding your truth. Also, keep eating cake pops, and lots for me too! You’re sooo great!

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