Hello to you, November.

November, you sneaky devil. I see you and your frosty mornings, your 5:00 sunsets and your constant pushing for me to eat apples and pumpkin and cinnamon and chocolate.

November often times gives us an excuse to wind down.  At this point, there are two months left in the year, both of which are covered in a sheet of Snowpocalypse Polar Vortex. January 1st signifies a universal new beginning to find your dream job, lose 15 pounds, fall in love.

But, why do we have to wait until January 1?

Granted, three feet of snow covering your car, and biology’s constant urge to eat more to stay warm doesn’t exactly encourage rapid movement of any kind. But the best decision I’ve made for myself, probably ever, was made a week before Thanksgiving break two years ago when I found myself in my first CrossFit gym. If I had waited until January 1st, who knows if I actually would have followed through.

And now to share some not so profound updates:

October was covered in the most magnificent changing leaves in southern Indiana. It began with about a week and a half of straight gloom and doom and rain, but pulled itself up by its boot straps and finished out month with some incredibly beautiful moments. (See picture below, one of the dozens of times I was your typical, leaf-loving Instagrammer. It was worth it.)

I hit my 50-mile goal by October 25 (!!!) for Barbells for Boobs, despite some ankle injuries, and surpassed my goal of $400 by 11 dollars. I can’t thank everyone who donated or supported or put up with my social media assaults of Nike Plus status updates enough.  AND I have signed up to take on my next challenge: my second 10k race on Thanskgiving morning! I completed my first 10k this summer with the goal of finishing under 60 minutes and came in at 60:11… imagine my dismay when sacrificing a stop at the port-a-potties at mile three didn’t conclude in a sub-60 minute victory. This time there’s turkey at the end of the race, so by gobbly(!) I’ll be running fast. I will continue to dream about running sub-8 minute miles, but we all have to make sacrifices for chocolate. So, a 9:30/mile average is the goal, along with what I’m sure will be a sweaty, post-race victory picture holding a turkey leg. You better believe I’ll post it.

A short post, yes, but chew on my idea while you chew on some pumpkin seeds (preferably roasted in chili powder. Do it.).

My favorite picture from this October: train tracks running along Law Lane in Bloomington.
My favorite picture from this October: train tracks running along Law Lane in Bloomington.

1 thought on “Hello to you, November.

  1. Can’t wait to see that chicken leg picture – so proud of you… keep that active body, active mind, active heard! You are wonderful. xxoo

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