Modern-Day Rosies and All Things ‘Girl Power’

In the second of three Halloween costumes worn on Saturday (yes, three), I tied a red bandana around my head, painted my lips, and tied up a jean shirt. To me, there may be no more recognizable or iconic image of a woman in the past 100 years than Rosie the Riveter.

Initially drawn in 1943, the Normal Rockwell painting titled “Rosie the Riveter” became the face of the American women’s movement to work during WWII and has been considered a significant symbol of female independence and strength ever since.

Needless to say, she’s my girl.

In doing a little bit of reading (because what else would I be doing during my free time in grad school?) I found an article profiling some of the “Real-life Rosies”, women that entered the work force during WWII, and it made me think: who are the Real-Life Rosies today? The women that are the pathfinders, the trailblazers, the strong, the brave, the bold, the inspired.

Sending you girl power & self love on this Monday,



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