I’m So Glad We Live In A World Where There are Octobers

In nearly a month, I run 13.1 miles for the second time in my entire life. Something I put on my New Year’s Resolution bucket list on January 1st, something I didn’t think I would actually do considering the idea of running anything farther than 400 meters during a WOD made me want to fall over. Well, here I am, in the midst of my half marathon training, and it just so happens today’s run was my first run of the month of October.

Yesterday I ventured out for my 8 mile run, the farthest I’ve gone since last year’s race. Running 8 miles is a small milestone when you’re in the midst of half marathon training, but it was a nearly perfect day for a run: overcast with a small breeze, October leaves on the trees and a few already covering the trail I ran along, the only thing missing was a pumpkin spice candle running alongside me holding a mug of hot chocolate wearing a scarf and riding boots. Yes, I, like so many others, love October and its crisp air, refreshing change of scenery, and ideas of sharing a fire with someone you love after a day of apple picking. But, I love October for another reason, too. I love October because it gives me a chance to bring attention to something that is incredibly near and dear to my heart, Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I ran last year’s half marathon to be able to scratch it off of my bucket list, but also to raise money for a cause near and dear to my heart. This year, I’m doing it again!

The rockstar group of half marathoners from last year!

Last year I was able to raise an incredible $1500 for my sorority sisters’ funding of the NFL Pink Ribbon Project , as well as Dr. Hari Nakshatri of the IU School of Medicine and his research of clinical testing of women with no history of breast cancer in their family.

This year, I have chosen to donate my funds to the Young Survival Coalition , a nonprofit organization that works with survivors, caregivers and the medical, research, advocacy and legislative communities to increase the quality and quantity of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer ages 40 and under.

I’ve also chosen a lofty goal, inspired by your generosity last year, to fundraise another $1500 this year! I might be crazy, but if you don’t shoot for the moon you’re never gonna get there!

Check out my GoFundMe account to read a little bit more about my story!

Happy Fall!


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