Dear Maggie

2017 is going to be so hard, Maggie. But you’re going to make it. You’re going to be great.

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Permission To Rise

Selfishness makes you get down in the dirt and dig for what's really meant to be in your life and what's not. It's the place you're too scared to go. It is something I hope everyone can experience the power of.

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Body Positivity vs. Body Shaming: The Fine Line, When We Cross It, And How Not To

Body Positivity vs. Body Shaming: The Fine Line, When We Cross It, And How Not To

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As my 24th year on this earth comes to a close, I look back on the past year and honestly think only one thing: I thought I had grown during grad school, but boy was I wrong. Hey grads, get ready. Put your big kid pants on. Life outside of school is literally the weirdest, happiest and saddest experience you could ever imagine.


Two Years Strong

Two years- 24 months- 104 weeks- 670 days- 16,080 hours- 964,800 minutes- 57,888,000 seconds I have madly and passionately loved for CrossFit for two years. Two years. A blink in time in the grand scheme of life. Oh, how life can feel static in two years. I still live in the same city, I am still a… Continue reading Two Years Strong


Aspire to Inspi…

Aspire to InspireRecently, one of my sorority sisters sent out an email about an organization she is a part of called CHAARG. CHAARG, changing health, attitudes, and actions to recreate girls, began in 2012 when two women at The Ohio State University decided there was a need for a fitness group to inspire women on campus.… Continue reading Aspire to Inspi…