Dear Maggie

2017 is going to be so hard, Maggie. But you’re going to make it. You’re going to be great.

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Permission To Rise

Selfishness makes you get down in the dirt and dig for what's really meant to be in your life and what's not. It's the place you're too scared to go. It is something I hope everyone can experience the power of.

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Let’s Call It An Identity Crisis

Close your eyes. Let's imagine for a little while. Imagine that you are in transition. Imagine that you have spent the entirety of your young adult life between the same two towns, one of which you grew up in. Now imagine you are leaving both of those places for a brand new one. Imagine that you… Continue reading Let’s Call It An Identity Crisis

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Turning Pounds to Kilos

You heard me! This CrossFitter turned into a Weightlifter this weekend for my very first weightlifting meet. I am so proud of myself. As a 63kg lifter (or 138.6lb for those, like me, who still have a very limited ability to multiply by 2.2), I made a 122kg total (my highest snatch + clean & jerk) and made… Continue reading Turning Pounds to Kilos

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With Calloused Hands…

I love a lot of things about CrossFit. (I blog about it, so I better). I see it as a metaphor for a lot of other aspects of my life, as I've mentioned in plenty of other posts. A recent CrossFit Inc. video posted on Facebook caught my attention this afternoon. It's a compellation of… Continue reading With Calloused Hands…

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When the Season of Eating is Over and You’re Left With…

Business casual. After three weeks of living in leggings and pajama pants on what is the last and longest Winter Break of my young life, the last thing I wanted to remember was business casual. The thought of buttoning a pair of pants around my waist, belly spilling over the top and booty feeling just… Continue reading When the Season of Eating is Over and You’re Left With…


Future Strong Women

Yesterday, a friend tagged me in one of Elisabeth Akinwale's Instagram pictures. A bit before, Elisabeth had posted a video of herself doing a clean complex on what looked like a high school or public field. Children, teens, runners, and parents alike are around, no one seeming to notice this absolutely incredible woman doing some incredible things.… Continue reading Future Strong Women