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Turning Pounds to Kilos

You heard me! This CrossFitter turned into a Weightlifter this weekend for my very first weightlifting meet. I am so proud of myself. As a 63kg lifter (or 138.6lb for those, like me, who still have a very limited ability to multiply by 2.2), I made a 122kg total (my highest snatch + clean & jerk) and made… Continue reading Turning Pounds to Kilos


Hi, World!

Let's jump right in, shall we? Hi! My name is Maggie. As a rookie in the CrossFit universe, my life has already been changed for the greater good by indulging in this crazy, fantastic and extremely addicting sport. (That's me! Photo credit to CrossFit Bloomington) I am about to begin my senior year at Indiana… Continue reading Hi, World!